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Representatives from CNI member organizations gather twice annually to explore new technologies, content, and applications; to further collaboration; to analyze technology policy issues, and to catalyze the development and deployment of new projects. Each member organization may send two representatives. Program PDF is also available.
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Monday, December 9

8:30am EST

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2.1.1 Ready or Not: Here Comes Voice Search HamptonTim Smith • Twila Camp 2.1.2 Can We Talk? Adding a Smart Assistant Interface to Library Services HamptonLisa Smith • Greg Davis 2.2.1 Building and Sustaining Community Infrastructure: An Update from the Research Organization Registry (ROR)* CapitolJohn Chodacki 2.2.2 A Progress Report on Open Repositories in Canada* CapitolGeoffrey Harder 2.2.3 Shared Repository Infrastructure: Two Years Later* CapitolJimmy Ghaphery 2.2.4 Shareyourpaper.org: Simplifying Self-Archiving and Cutting the Cost of Mediated Repository Deposit* CapitolLeila Sterman 2.2.5 Crowdsourcing Inputs and Outputs of a Digital Photo Archive* CapitolTheresa Westbrock 2.3.1 Developing a Community-Based Strategic Agenda for the Transformation of Archival Discovery and Delivery CalvertM.A. Matienzo • Audra Eagle Yun • Tom Cramer • Hillel Arnold 2.3.2 Webrecorder, Web Archiving for All: Past, Present and Future CalvertIlya Kreymer 2.4.1 No One is Using That Anymore: Assessing the Impact of Digital Availability on Print Usage Governor'sThomas H. Teper 2.4.2 Creating a Virtual Reading Room at UC San Diego Library Governor'sRoger Smith 2.5 Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence: The Landscape of Autonomy Executive (West Wing)Ben Shneiderman 2.6.1 Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship at the University of Colorado Boulder Congressional A (West Wing)Thea Lindquist • Thomas Hauser 2.6.2 Connecting Digital Scholarship: Building Communities of Support at University of Michigan Congressional A (West Wing)Joe Bauer • Anne Cong-Huyen 2.7 Data Curation Network Update Congressional B (West Wing)Tim McGeary • Cynthia Hudson Vitale • Lisa Johnston

5:00pm EST

5:15pm EST

3.1 Memory Institutions and Deep Digital Disruption: Beyond the Technical Challenges of Born-digital Preservation HamptonClifford Lynch • Carol Mandel 3.2.1 Connect, Collaborate, and Contribute in the Research Commons: Reflections from Three Years of Service Delivery* CapitolMeris Mandernach Longmeier 3.2.2 Teaching Data Curation for Reproducibility (Data CuRe)* CapitolLimor Peer 3.2.3 Piloting Digital Scholarship Support at the Library of Congress* CapitolEileen Jakeway 3.2.4 Sprinting Toward a Lab: Network Building, Knowledge Sharing and Transforming Communities in Galleries, Archives, Libraries and Museums through a Book Sprint* CapitolCaleb Derven 3.2.5 InstantILL: Simplifying Content Delivery With or Without Subscriptions* CapitolTina Baich 3.3.1 Bringing Computational Access to Book-length Documents Via an ETD Pilot CalvertBill Ingram 3.3.2 Designing a Migration Path: Final Report and Recommendations CalvertAaron Birkland • Jennifer Gilbert • Tim Shearer • David Wilcox 3.4.1 Scanning for Science: Astronomy Data Rescue as a Learning Opportunity Governor'sElisabeth Long 3.4.2 The Texas GeoData Portal: A New System for Enhancing Access to Geospatial Data Governor'sMichael Shensky 3.5.1 Data Doubles: Student Perceptions of Privacy and Learning Analytics in Higher Education Executive (West Wing)Andrew Asher • Michael Perry 3.5.2 Skills, Knowledge, and Values for Prioritizing Privacy in Library Learning Analytics Executive (West Wing)Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe • Kyle Jones 3.6.1 Into the Dataspace: Data Science Services on the Ground Congressional A (West Wing)Mike Nutt 3.6.2 Encouraging the Ecosystem: Growing Unique Partnerships Through Data Science Congressional A (West Wing)Joan Peckham • Karim Boughida 3.7 Flipping Open Access Away from APCs Congressional B (West Wing)Nick Shockey • Amy Buckland • Ellen Dubinsky • Nicky Agate

6:15pm EST

Tuesday, December 10

7:30am EST

9:00am EST

4.1 The New Normal: Why Libraries are Teaching AI, ML, DH, NLP, VR... HamptonHarrison Dekker • Matt Burton • Indrani Mandal • Vicky Steeves • Tim Dennis 4.2.1 Guerrilla Governance and Program Review: Organizational Transformation in Collaborative Models CapitolJoanne Kossuth • Bradley Daigle 4.2.2 Responsible Operations: Shaping a Community Research Agenda CapitolSarah L. Shreeves • Thomas Padilla 4.3.1 Evolving with Agile into a New Technical Landscape: Cultivating a Sustainable DAMS Ecosystem CalvertDave Ronn • Megan Will 4.3.2 Developing an Open Source Digital Scholarly Research System: Local and Global Possibilities CalvertRaymond Uzwyshyn 4.4.1 An Institutional Research Data Discovery Tool: Open Source Technology and Cross-University Collaboration Governor'sPatty Hinegardner • Na Lin 4.4.2 Mobilizing Computable Biomedical Knowledge, and Making it FAIR Governor'sMarisa Conte • Peter Boisvert 4.5.1 Electronic Lab Notebooks: Implementation, Evaluation, and Lessons Learned Executive (West Wing)Harish Maringanti • Xuemao • Daureen Nesdill 4.5.2 Organizational Strategies to Support Emerging Needs in Areas Such As: Data Science, Technology Rich Spaces, and Experiential Learning Executive (West Wing)David Woodbury • Mira Waller 4.6.1 Experimenting with a Machine Generated Annotations Pipeline Congressional A (West Wing)Joshua Gomez 4.6.2 A Demonstration of Annotation Interoperability Congressional A (West Wing)Mark Patton • Sayeed Choudhury 4.7.1 The End of a Statewide Digital Preservation System: Coping with the Fallout Congressional B (West Wing)Fletcher Durant • Todd Digby 4.7.2 Project Canopus: Rethinking Preservation Infrastructure in Toronto, Ontario, and Beyond Congressional B (West Wing)Steve Marks

10:00am EST

10:30am EST

5.1.1 Building a Digital Preservation Strategy Across a Broad University System HamptonEdson Smith • Mary Elings • Todd Grappone 5.1.2 Toward Collaborative Models for Sustaining Digital Scholarship HamptonKatrina Fenlon 5.2.1 Fedora 6 and the Oxford Common File Layout* CapitolAndrew Woods 5.2.2 IIIF: What's New and What's Next with A/V and Discovery* CapitolJosh Hadro 5.2.3 It Took a Village: The Evolution of Samvera* CapitolCarolyn Caizzi 5.2.4 Update on Public Access Submission System (PASS)* CapitolHanh Vu 5.2.5 Acknowledging Core Facilities and Collections Use with ORCID* CapitolEric Olson 5.3.1 InvenioRDM: A Collaborative Next-Generation Research Data Management and Repository Solution CalvertThomas Morrell • Kristi Holmes 5.3.2 Opportunities for Academic Libraries to Shape National Approaches to Research Data Management: A Canadian Perspective CalvertSusan Haigh • Lee Wilson • Jason Brodeur 5.4.1 Visualizing Use and Performance Data from a Global Cross-platform Set of Institutional Repositories Governor'sJonathan Wheeler • Minh Pham • Nikolaus Nova Parulian • Kenning Arlitsch 5.4.2 North Broad Press: A Collaborative Library/Press Publishing Program Governor'sAnnie Johnson 5.5 Refreshing the Agenda for Collaboration: Library, IT, and New Partners Executive (West Wing)Clifford Lynch • Joan Lippincott 5.6.1 Collaborative Empowerment, Empowering Collaboration: The Carpentries at the University of Toronto Congressional A (West Wing)May Chan 5.6.2 Python Camp: Meeting the Demand for Computational Skills Through Open Technology and Reusable Curriculum Congressional A (West Wing)Lorena A. Barba • Hannah Sommers • Megan Potterbusch • Laura Wrubel 5.7 The Future of OA: The Impact of Open Access on Readership and Subscription Decisions Congressional B (West Wing)Jason Priem • Jason Priem

11:30am EST

1:00pm EST

6.1 Machine Learning in Research Libraries: A Snapshot of Projects, Opportunities and Challenges HamptonJohn Wang • Elizabeth Lorang • Harish Maringanti 6.2.1 Modern Endangered Archives Program at the UCLA Library* CapitolRachel Deblinger 6.2.2 The Foundations of Discovery: A Short Summary of the Assessment of the Impacts of CLIR's Cataloging Hidden Collections Program, 2008-2019* CapitolJoy M. Banks 6.2.3 Reaching the Researchers: Using Geographic and Chronological Metadata to Facilitate Access to New Acquisitions* CapitolChristian Casey 6.2.4 Preservation of Electronic Government Information (PEGI) Project Next Steps* CapitolRoberta Sittel 6.2.5 Lever Press Update* CapitolBeth Bouloukos 6.3.1 Pay to Play: Licensing Local Television News Content CalvertMorgan Gieringer 6.3.2 Unlocking Opportunity: Using the JSTOR Platform to Get Library Special Collections into the Research Workflow Without a Paywall CalvertBruce Heterick 6.4.1 Release of Digital Preservation Risk Analysis Documents by the National Archives (NARA) Governor'sLeslie Johnston 6.4.2 CANCELLED: Making Access Happen: New Projects at the National Archives Governor's 6.5 Update on Funding Possibilities, Priorities, and Trends Executive (West Wing)Josh Sternfeld • Lucy Barber • Becca Quon • Ashley Sands 6.6.1 When Research Data Requires Controls: Institutional Support for Regulated Research Environments Congressional A (West Wing)Jeremy Frumkin 6.6.2 Health Sciences Data Archive Congressional A (West Wing)Mara Blake • Sayeed Choudhury 6.6.3 Almost Open: Benefits, Challenges, and Design of an Authorized-access Research Data Enclave Congressional A (West Wing)Jeff Spies • Rick O. Gilmore 6.7.1 The Academic Library as IT Partner: Supporting Sponsored Research at Auburn University Congressional B (West Wing)Denise Baker • Mallory Lucier-Greer • Aaron Trehub 6.7.2 Redesigning the Researcher Library Experience: Case Studies, Key Questions Congressional B (West Wing)Tom Hickerson • John Brosz

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